Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) for 2021 – Why not?

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Solar power generates and provides electricity when the sun is out, but what happens if you solar system produce more than actual demand?

Along with the growth of the solar energy industry, the demand for electricity storage is also increasing. Thus, an efficient solution is needed.

Developing renewable energy, especially solar power, is still an effective solution to ensure energy security, replacing fossil fuel sources that are gradually depleting.

However, the “explosive” development of solar power has led to oversupply at noon due to low load and the best solar radiation of the day. Meanwhile, the peak time for electricity use falls in the evening time and there is no sunlight at this time. Therefore, it is necessary to have electricity storage solutions to increase investment efficiency, make the most of solar power, avoid energy waste and reduce the load on the national grid.

So, what is BESS power storage solution?

BESS electricity storage solution is a battery-powered energy storage system with large capacity for businesses and power plants, making maximum use of solar power, storing power during normal hours to use during peak hours to save power. The system provides power even when the grid power fails and can be used in areas with weak electricity, intermittent electricity or island districts without grid electricity.

The principle of operation of the BESS power storage solution:

The principle of operation of the BESS power storage solution

If combined with solar power, the BESS system will store excess solar power so that it can be used at another time, increasing the rate of self-consumption and reducing electricity purchased from the grid or not generating capacity on the grid according to requirements of EVN.

If not combined with solar power, the BESS system can store electricity from the grid at a time of low electricity prices and generate it for use during times of high electricity prices (generating as much as saving) to save electricity costs. In addition, the system also stores electricity as a backup power supply in case of power failure.

Outstanding advantages of the system:

Limits of the system

Since the system capacity is highly dependent on the load capacity and standby time; therefore, in order for the system to meet the needs of the equipment load in the family and enterprises, to operate stably when there is no power grid, customers need to be surveyed and consulted by BESS power storage solution providers to choose a system with the highest capacity and storage capacity.

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