Technical &
Engineering Consultancy

Lotus Energy provides technical and engineering services for solar, wind, battery storage projects. Our services cover the whole lifespan of a renewable energy project from greenfield to COD. Our mission is to help our customers build a reliable and high-performance renewable energy project.

1. Technical and commercial consultancy

2. Technical design services

3. Technical due diligence

1. Energizing and grid connection services

(COD Service)

2. Technical and system design review

1. Energy auditing and PR test

2. Smart plant solutions

3. Plant technical assessment

4. Plant O&M services

5. Technical due diligence

6. Technical defect elimination and

plant efficiency improvement

Lotus Energy offers a diverse suite of services to satisfy all your project engineering needs from the concept design phase through to construction, operation, and even decommissioning. We also support investors for project technical and commercial assessment and due-diligence, thus to help them mitigate risk and ensure investment return.