Operation & Maintenance

Lotus Energy deploys state-of-the-art plant monitoring and control systems to provide cost-effective O&M solutions for both utility and rooftop solar power projects. The system helps project owners and investors manage various solar and wind power projects on one platform, reducing manpower cost, optimizing maintenance process, enhancing asset and data securities, thus increasing the overall performance of the assets.

O&M Services Offering

We provide hands-free operation and maintenance service to renewable energy project owners. With our 5S management system and OCC (Operation Control Center), we guarantee system availability and performance ratio of the renewable energy asset.

Our O&M software comprise of 5 main functional modules: monitoring, O&M, analytics, report, and asset management. We can tailor-made modules and O&M platform interfaces according to our customers’ request. By deploying our O&M system, customers can run the O&M of both solar and wind power projects from their desktop.