Development & Investment

Lotus Energy develops and invests in distributed renewable energy projects in Vietnam. With our technical expertise and financial capabilities, we always deliver high-quality projects with high yield. We focus on the development of solar, wind, battery storage, and biomass projects and to contribute to the country’s transition to a greener and more sustainable economy.


We apply flexible business models to meet our customers’ demand and to supply them with clean and sustainable energy.

Lotus Energy invests in rooftop solar power system and sell generated electricity to our customers at a discounted rate against the EVN retail tariff, in order to help customer save their annual utility expenses.

For customers that tends to invest and own the system by yourself, we propose B&T model to minimize the initial capital spending and to waive off your exposure of construction risks.


Safety and reliability is the top priority for our system design, selection and commissioning approach.

While meeting the standards and requirements of concerned government departments, we apply the highest safety standard during system design, installation, and operation.

We always propose win-win cooperation to ensure the economic benefits of our partner.
We deploy state-of-the-art remote monitoring and control system during the operation of the rooftop system to ensure system availability and shorten the respond lead-time for potential default.