About Us

Company Profile

Lotus Energy is a leading wholesale solar distributor in Vietnam. We provide state-of-the-art solar modules, inverters, batteries, mounting systems and accessories for both home and C&I applications.

Our extensive partnership network with both local and international investors and financiers also grants us with the capabilities of bringing equity and debt financing to your rooftop projects.

Choosing Lotus Energy as your partner will provide you with a single point of contact to ensure the reliability and efficiency of your rooftop solar system.

Benefits of Rooftop Solar 

With the cost of Solar LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy) going down, the grid parity for rooftop solar is just around the corner. With a good solar irradiation across the country, Vietnam has huge potential for the deployment of rooftop solar power. In some of the Southern-Central provinces of Vietnam, grid parity for rooftop solar has already been reached.

Apart from being green and reliable, solar power offers its unique benefits of cutting down the electricity bill, increasing the access to energy, and requiring low maintenance. With a strong government incentive in place, solar power is now an affordable energy source for both C&I and home owners.

What We Can Offer 

Lotus Energy offers you three major services and solutions, including product distribution, system integration and development and investment.

Lotus Energy is here for you to ensure the reliability of your rooftop system by providing certified Tier 1 solar products. With our in-house engineering team, we can also support you in term of the design and review of your system configurations to guarantee the maximum performance.

If you are looking for funding for your MW scale rooftop system, our extensive investors’ and financiers’ network puts us in a position to bring both equity and debt financing to your rooftop solar projects. 

Lotus Energy is dedicated to be the one-stop contact and trust worthy partner for your rooftop solar projects.